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  Product Research Background
  A large number of people in our courty,and the demand of housing is large.According to national information ' s Department, China ' s civil housing area is primany over the world.With the huge number industry housing,Business housing, national key manage field ' s need of building, a large potient for building industry ' s development is brought forth.In the near five years,it may be the quickly development era.Our products meet the development of building industry. The area of civil housing is the first in the world.By the entering of overseas Company, building industry will make a great imporve in our country.As for plastering wall, it is done by manpower.It is waste of time and manpower.The quality is not to be ensured. When setting up the bulidings, decoration ' s work period is about half of the all periods. So the naissance of those equipment is very urgent to improve decoration quality and efficiency, shorting work period and ensure project plan.
  The Institute of Development presided over our company makes out the FEI WANDA grand a series of automatic wall plasterer. It comes on the background unprecedented demand. It will popularize and promote the traditional industries and complete construction expanse farewell hand plastering era, so that the construction industry is entering a period of modernization and development. Armitage flew series of wall plasterer machine in succession, and both advanced products, scientific, practical, durability of various aspects of the construction industry expanse of a decorative outstanding contributions, in the same time it will effectively promote the construction of China's rapid development.
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